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When two or more separate systems need to work together and achieve results, an API can do this. With this in mind, nowadays, an honest API is not any longer nice-to-have.

Every website or application can have its own API set. Operating environments like payment companies, maps, or social media provide APIs. This is the only way to connect with third-party using their solutions. These public tools are called Open APIs, and you'll access them without restrictions. There are quite 15,000 Open APIs out there!

Another sort of API would be a Partner API, where specific permissions or licenses are needed to use them. Some APIs also are used to enhance their product and services within certain organizations or companies. All these serve an important role in communication and inter-linking.

Dench Infotech has wide experience providing API integration and development services that link applications, software, third-party apps, and websites through custom or standard APIs.

With our long experience, we have worked on multiple API integrations using JSON, REST, SOAP, HTTP, API keys, SAML and other communication methods to provide our clients with API integrations which increases their productivity. We always make sure you get secure API integrations.

  • Build secure API solutions
  • Futuristic rapid development
  • Bridge gaps using bi-directional data exchange
  • Eliminate redundancy
  • Easy payment processing
  • Real-time data synchronization
  • Cost-effective and fast implementation

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